For two years now, I haven’t eaten any meat. I haven’t eaten anything made of animals.
I have, however, eaten animal products – milk, cheese, eggs…

So what’s the idea behind that?

There are many reasons one becomes a vegetarian: compassion and empathy for other living creatures, environmental concerns, cost of living…
For me it’s a combination of things.

First, my health.

Eating meat does not agree with me. While I enjoy the taste of meat, I don’t enjoy the experience of shitting myself inside-out as a result of eating meat.
This is the primary reason, but it’s not the only one.

Financial concerns.

No matter what you’re told, it’s cheaper to just not eat meat. Vegetables cost fuck all, meat substitutes are usually cheaper unless you get the boutique brands.
When I was living on a purely self-employed basis, I was earning very little, and had to make do. I lived off mostly egg soup. To make egg soup, you first make a broth from stock and hot water, add in some vegetables, usually something like spring onion, and then you crack an egg into a bowl, whisk it up, pour it slowly into your broth while stirring, and let it cook through. Simple, and very, VERY cheap. I was living for around 50p a day on the cheapest end of the scale.

Environmental issues.

There’s a lot of wank going around at the moment saying that it’s better for the environment to eat meat. That’s pure pish.
Think about it this way: vegetarians eat plants. Farming plants has an environmental impact, it’s true. But domesticated meat animals ALSO eat plants. They themselves have an impact on the environment and it’s far greater than the impact that farming plants has. It’s been proven that just owning and feeding a pet puts a massive impact on the environment (
I’ve always been conscious about my environmental impact, I drive a tiny car with 0 emissions, which has the added benefit of being tax-free, and I’m mindful of my fuel consumption – I’ll be writing another article on that in the near future. When I did eat meat I ate some offal, some off-cuts (look for “cooking bacon” in your supermarket), and made sure to use as much of the meat as possible.


If you give a fuck about animals, don’t eat them. It’s THAT simple. No fucking about, just don’t do it. You can’t claim to care about animals with steak on your plate. Either you care about animals, or you eat animals.
… Just like children.

My life as a vegetarian started with dating a vegetarian. A former partner, and still very dear friend, has been vegetarian for longer than I’ve known her. While we were dating, hanging out, most of the time we spent together, I didn’t eat meat. We never cooked a different meal for each of us because I wanted meat. I’d get a burger or whatever if we were out, but I gradually got used to the idea of just not eating meat. I found out that some of my other friends were vegetarian, but, and this is key I think, none of them were preachy about it, so I never thought “nah fuck you, I’ll eat meat because you’re telling me not to” – I made up my own mind when I was ready.

Fast forward to Blackpool, 2017 – Rebellion Festival. Hanging out with my friend again, we go for a pizza. I quite like the sound of the vegan offering so I give it a bash. Piece of advice for you: even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, you can still eat vegetarian or vegan food! what a shock! I highly recommend trying new stuff because you’ll certainly miss out otherwise… Anyway, this pizza was a revelation! It was spicy and flavourful and just damn good overall. I decided then that I just wouldn’t eat meat any more, and never have – I was inspired by this pizza to have a go at making my own vegetarian food; I’ve always been good at cooking and had done quite a few delicious treats during my relationship with the aforementioned friend; as such there’ll be a post in the near future about how my brain works when I’m cooking, and maybe some ideas on how you can spice up your own dishes without needing to follow someone else’s recipe.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t eat meat, and you should weigh up the considerations and make up your own damn mind.

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