Ok. It’s been a while. Shit has hit the fan, spread out, hit another, bigger fan, and sprayed all over the fucking planet.

I’m still going. Not currently working, furloughed. I’m doing surprisingly well with my uni work, which is fucking incredible; I didn’t think I had it in me but there it is. I’m about halfway through my first year and picking up momentum, feeling pretty good about it all.

So why the update now? Well I had a cough for a few days and went and got tested for coronavirus, which came back negative. But that kind of shit really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Hundreds of people in the UK, thousands of people around the world, dying every day because of something we can’t see. Just thought I’d pop out a little something about my thoughts today.

All the while a global revolution. A movement that’s opening eyes, and forcing people to reveal their true colours, and they are UGLY. I refer of course to the Black Lives Matter movement, which never really went away but has redoubled in force and redoubled again as a result of the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis. The movement is going strong and we’re starting to see changes worldwide, however the poison runs deep and we’re also seeing a lot of resistance to the calls for change.
If it wasn’t obvious from my Twitter or the rest of this paragraph, I condemn the actions of the police and stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m happy to use my voice and my platform to boost the signal of this incredibly important push against systemic racism and oppression.

Speaking of poison, it’s Pride month and our favourite shitbag transphobe jk rowling (capitalisation is for PEOPLE, not beasts) is being an outspoken cunt regarding the phrase “people who menstruate” – she thinks that only women are allowed to menstruate and anyone who doesn’t is a man. Take that, CF sufferers, hysterectomy patients etc as well as trans women. Trans men are firmly planted in the “women” column in her narrative, but then her views are about as valuable as the FART she is.
She then proceeded to double down on her shitty behaviour posting a tweet with an article entitled TERF wars. I tweeted that phrase at her a couple of months back so it’s nice of her to steal that idea.

Speaking of stealing ideas, fun fact, she writes under the name “Robert Galbraith”. Very familiar sounding name… could it be that she stole it from gay conversion therapy advocate (and active experimenter) Robert Galbraith Heath? It is important to note that the subject of this experiment was under legal duress. The fact that Robert Galbraith jk repulsive has a trans villain character threatened with rape in prison, made all the more unpleasant because the character is “pre-op”…
Yeah. Fucking vile.

I’ve also been catching a lot of shit on Twitter from cunts who think that jk rotting is right. Interestingly ALL from men. Who have no fucking horse in this race and no right to speak about what defines women any more than some cuntbag who thinks that just because she’s famous and has a platform that she can use it to take people’s rights away.
Go cry harder, trolls. UK law states your gender can legally be changed WITHOUT surgery.

Now here’s the thing. If someone were to have a difference in appearance, say a birth defect, that wasn’t causing them any harm, but for this theoretical it made them feel a little uncomfortable; they go to see a doctor who says “sure I’ll put you on a waiting list for surgery to alter this but it’s going to be 4 years’ wait”… Do you prevent them from declaring themselves fit and healthy until they’ve had that surgery? Do you fuck.
And herein lies the crux of the matter. FARTs (Feminism Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes; since they wear “TERF” like a fucking badge, the disgusting creatures) like jk rabid are the kind of people who, when seeing someone with a physical difference like that, would point at it and go “YOU NEED TO FIX THAT BECAUSE IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE”. Listen. You need to keep yourself away from other people’s bodies, it’s none of your fucking business.

Moving on, as I may (or may not, I can’t fucking remember) have mentioned previously, I’m a believer in balance, and not everyone can be a vile piece of shit, the world isn’t THAT bad just yet. So I also bring news of one of the nicest things I’ve read today, a short email interview(esque thing) with the wonderful Terry Pratchett, the most excellent writer of, amongst others, the wonderful and funny Discworld series.
pTerry was questioned by email after several characters aligned very strongly with trans people, though he stated that he never went in with the intention of making them trans; he wasn’t about writing to a brief, just telling the stories of his characters as they develop. Read the link below, it’s fucking excellent.

Reference to Heath’s experiment (Content Warning – inhumane treatment, homophobia, conversion therapy, atrocities): https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cross-check/what-are-sciences-ugliest-experiments/
Reference to Terry Pratchett interview: http://www.oocities.org/fasterthanlife_2000/int_pratchard.htm

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