Who am I?

I am a punk, a tech geek, a videogamer and avid reader of audiobooks. Yes, ok, I’m a bit of a joker – but what exactly does one do with an audiobook?
If you listen to an audiobook, and then someone asks “hey, did you read this book?”, can you truthfully say you did?
I go off on tangents, get lost in discussion, but ultimately I’m the kind of person who does the job in front of them.

What am I about?

Those around me often comment on how much they learn just by being around me; the sheer volume of information I store is difficult to express in words – that’s partly what this is about.
Music, films, books – once I consume something there’s a certain level of detail that sticks with me; it’s just the level on which I function.
I love to learn, and if there’s nothing specific to learn I’ll learn whatever’s in front of me at the time.

Where am I from?

I’m originally from Scotland; I was born in Edinburgh and lived in the Borders, later moving to the North Wales coast.
I’ve moved back and forth between Scotland and Wales for work and personal reasons and I love both countries dearly.
I’m currently living in North Wales, probably the furthest I’ve lived from the coast since my childhood.

Why the website?

It’s always been the staple of a nerd like me. My little corner of the internet.
I still follow some of the websites I got into way back in my early internet days
From pinball machines to recipes to ancient breakfast cereals, it’s always been interesting to see what other people think is interesting enough to put in the space they call “my website”

So this is the place I’ll be putting stuff I find interesting; some old, things I’ve written in the past and had both on older iterations of this site and others, and some new – musings and thoughts and whatever else I decide to put up here.
These personal websites are always vanity projects, and it’s rare that anyone actually cares enough to read through what someone puts online on these things, but it’s fun and it gives people some insight into me as a person.

And if you’re wondering why I don’t put this on a hosted blog, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. – those things are fleeting; this site should last for the rest of my life, in one form or another.

So if you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You’re probably a nerd. Hopefully there’ll be something interesting within these pages for you. If not, feel free to drop me a suggestion to info@dreamhazard.com

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